MagMa combat demo

System requirements :
Hardware :

  • CPU faster than Intel PII 300 MHz
  • Memory 64MB (about 32MB free RAM)
  • Video system with 64K colors (16 bit depth)
  • Pointing device (mouse, track point etc...)
  • 20MB free disk space
  • Sound subsystem (wave and MIDI) is optional.
    Or better computer...

    Software :
    Any POSIX compliant operating system with Python and PyGame installed.
    Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me, NT4/2000/XP (with DirectX and TCP/IP protocols installed)

    For MS Windows platforms binary download is available - MagMa_win32_*.zip !
    All others should use source and data distribution - files MagMa_src_*.zip and MagMa_data_*.zip ...
    All files are hosted by

    Windows platform:
    Download binary distribution. Unzip to any directory (c:\games for e.g. ;-)
    Other platforms:
    Download source and data, unzip (with paths) into one directory. Install Python and PyGame.

    Quick start
    Start magma.exe or
    Change your nick on the first dialog screen.
    Press buttton `Be server`, then in the next dialog choose button with wizard's name... enjoy...


    Copy configuration file `magma.conf.default` to `magma.conf`
    Change `magma.conf` as you want...
    You may use command line arguments: arg1=val1 arg2=val2 - no spaces near `=`,
    args and vals are the same as in config file, for e.g. to change nick and switching into the fullscreen mode (on Windows platforms): fullscreen=yes nick=Ariel
    To use another config file (new.conf): config=new.conf
    You may use quotes ` ' " in command line around values e.g. nick=" player's name"

    Network play (LAN or internet)
    On the server computer you should specify public IP address of this machine in the field `Host IP` (for e.g. or and press buttton `Be server`. (Currently program binds only to one specified address)
    On the client computer you should print server's IP address and press button `Connect to`
    Of course, Ports should be the same.

    On-line updating
    In the startup dialog press button `Update version`.
    Program will try to fetch new modules and data from web site, old files are copied to directory tmp/bak.
    You may change updater_proxy parameter in config file to your http (web) proxy:

    Credits and acknowledgements
    Steve Barcia and Master of Magic team
    Guido van Rossum and Python team
    Mark Hammond and team (Python for Windows extensions)
    PyGame team
    SDL team
    Qark and Pygame.UI team
    Fredrik Lundh (ElementTree)
    A.M. Kuchling (PyCrypto)
    Sam Rushing (CallDLL)
    PyChecker team

    lexx_spb AT